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Group Life Insurance

In these fast paced, challenging, and competitive times it has become increasingly difficult to attract and retain top notch employees, but providing the benefit of Group Life Insurance can help.  

Why it's important to offer group life insurance to your employees:

A group life insurance program, in its basic form, provides for the payment of a certain sum of money in the event of death of an employee while in employment. It is a basic term assurance program which usually provides for the payment of a fixed sum or a multiple of the employee’s annual salary (e.g. 3x or 4x). The employer sponsors the program, and benefit is paid by the insurance company to the employee's beneficiary in the event of the death of an employee within the period of coverage (usually one year, and renewable annually thereafter). It is a very cheap form of life insurance and employees usually bear only a small portion of the premium payment, or none at all.

There are many reasons for an employer to consider a group life insurance program to be essential. Here are just a few of them:

  • Your employees want to protect their loved ones.

  • It is a key benefit to help you attract and keep quality employees.

  • It can be a budget-friendly option for you to offer.

  • Life Insurance will help enhance the work environment.

  • The group life policy can be catered to your business’s needs.

  • There are tax advantages for your business that come along with offering group life insurance to your employees. 

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